Hello all!

Last Sunday our adult Sunday School class completed a two-year journey through the Bible. During this time they considered 100 key moments/stories from the Bible, 50 in the Old Testament and 50 in the New Testament. I want to congratulate those that participated. I hope that God uses this to root you in your faith.

So… What’s next?

For our adult class we will be spending the next two months investing our Sunday School time in prayer and increased time thinking about how we can flesh out the principles we are considering during our Bible study time. With Easter and our April Celebration Service we will have six sessions. Our children will still have Sunday School and I will still be leading our “Spanglish” Bible Study with Hilario and Liduvina. The class will be working together to establish some commitments and plans as we seek to make disciples who make disciples in a manner that fits the everyday rhythms of our lives and even more so the lives of those we are trying to connect with.

If you’ll allow me to pull out my pastor card, I want to encourage all of you to hang around and participate for the next two months. We need as many of us as possible to be part of this process. Providentially, Hilario and Liduvina will not be here this week. I will be leading this first session. In the future I’ll be planning with Derek so he can facilitate this time.